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DigitalDNA Games is an indie game development studio, credited with developing some of the top grossing and highest user rated Xbox indie titles of all time; including the CastleMiner franchise, and Avatar Paintball, Xbox’s first avatar based first person shooter. DigitalDNA Games currently has over 14 titles released on XBLIG. Most of them #1 best selling titles.

Some of our Accomplishments:

  • Over 14 XBLIG titles produced
  • 5 #1 best selling Titles
  • Xbox’s First, Avatar Based first person shooter.
  • XBLIG’s First Game to use the Microphone
  • Published in Offical Xbox Magazine
  • Top Grossing Xbox Live Indie Game of 2010 (Avatar Paintball)
  • 2011 Game of the Year (CastleMiner Z)
  • 2 Best of 2011 (CastleMiner and CastleMiner Z)
  • #4 Top User Rated Game of All Time (CastleMiner Z)
  • Over 2 Million Downloads